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The English language , West Germanic language is commonly thought as a natural language. Originally spoken in medieval England, it was named after a Germanic tribe that migrated to England. The language itself originates from England and is a primary language in 6 countries and is spoken in 43+ countries. Usually, English is the first language choice of many countries before choosing their language meaning that this is why it is a currently global lingua-franca. The English language developed over time from deriving from other languages, words for the language itself. Preexistant languages were integrated into the English language. As the British Empire expanded, the conquered territories had their input in the language. For this, the English language reinvents itself every 1-2 years.


Proto-English to Germanic

Main article: Old English

Old English (Ænglisc), known as Anglo-saxon, is known as 4 dialects; Northumbrian, Mercian, West Saxon & Kentish. From the late 18th century and continuing, the West Saxon dialect is the only free Anglo-Saxon kingdom (Wessex). Old English has a greater proportion of stronger verbs than Modern English.Old English began to appear in writing during the early 8th century. Most texts were written in West Saxon, one of the four main dialects.[1]


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