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Writing an article
Learn how you can create an article.

To experiment, you can use the shared sandbox – or if you're logged in, your personal sandbox.

To create an article, you can try the Article Wizard.


  1. You are required to create an account for your safety— go to Special:Createaccount and provide a username, email (optional - recommended), and a password. If you need further help on creating an account, simply see this page and submit a ticket.
  2. Articles must be notable. The articles must be something that readers want to read; such as "worthy articles." Make sure to think, Is it notable enough to be an article?. If the topic is suitable to be an encyclopedic article, be bold and create it!
  3. Make sure your article doesn't already exist. This is done by searching Acyclopedia. If the article already exists, feel free to edit and make contributions to that article.