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Acyclopedia is written collaboratively by volunteers of individuals and groups. The way Acyclopedia is created allows for the anonymous/public edits of users that can access the internet. Acyclopedia assures you that there has been no expert review upon any type of article to improve its accuracy or the content it holds to the extent of perfection.

This statement is not to discourage your use for reading or using Acyclopedia for finding valuable or highly correct/accurate information. Acyclopedia cannot guarantee full validity of the information found in the site because there is a chance that there are those who might want to change, vandalize, or misuse Acyclopedia despite our strict policies for content posed in Acyclopedia.

No formal review

When editing or creating an article in Acyclopedia it does not go under an automatic article review process to see if the content is vandalized. Instead, active community members use special:recentchanges and special:newpages feeds to help them monitor new content that has been contributed to Acyclopedia. While readers or editors read an article, they are doing a casual review. They have no legal duty to do so and thus all information read here is without any implied warranty of fitness for any purpose or use whatsoever.

No contributor, editor, reader, administrator, or anyone else that is connected to Acyclopedia in any way be responsible for the appearance of malicious, misleading, inaccurate, or wrongly posed information.

Legality of content

What you find in Acyclopedia may in some way be found to violate federal or state laws from your viewpoint of location. The database of Acyclopedia is stored in the US database and is in reference to protection laws. Acyclopedia does not encourage the storing of illegal content in this site and cannot be responsible for any illegality of content it may hold.

No contract

The information found in Acyclopedia is provided freely without a legal contract and with this meaning there is no agreement or formal contract between users and administrators of the site. As for using Acyclopedia, you are freely granted a ‘’limited’’ license to copy and use the content you find in Acyclopedia without a legal consent contract between you and Acyclopedia.

Understand that there is no agreement between Acyclopedia and you as a user for your use and changes made on the site beyond the CC-BY-SA license and the GFDL license; neither is anyone responsible for that a change, modification, edit, revision, or removal of the information you have placed in Acyclopedia.

No professional advice

The content you find in Acyclopedia is not intended to though is not limited to not give and legal, medical, financial, or any other type of advice that is not supposed to be given by a minor to the subject and that they are not a professional of the field; you are to seek a professional who is fully licensed and knowledgeable in the field of your question outside of Acyclopedia.