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Acyclopedia ( /ˌacycloˈpdi.ə/ or /ˌacyclˈopdi.ə/ a-CY-cylo-PEE-dee-ə) is a encyclopedia that irrevocably releases its content in a Creative commons license with a free content addition that is a collaboratively edited on a model of open editing free for anyone to contribute to. Acyclopedia is a encyclopedia and a wiki; the name coming from being the text "A" itself and "cyclopedia" an ancient term to address encyclopedia.

The contributors of this wiki are volunteers that signed up, or did not sign up to this website and submitted their ideas, and thoughts about certain topics. Acyclopedia is written collaboratively through open editing.

The fundamental rules of this wiki are by the simple fundamental rules. The Acyclopedia community has developed more policies and guidelines though these above are the main rules to know. It is not a immediate requirement to be familiar with these rules before contributing.

Since Acyclopedia has been created, it has had thousands of articles created. People of all ages and around the world access, use, and read Acyclopedia. Editing is very simple and easy inside Acyclopedia. Simply click Edit, and save the page!

Acyclopedia may be used for research in many ways though understand that Acyclopedia is not a printed encyclopedia that can be used in "real-life" in any way. Acyclopedia is unlike other encyclopedias because it is edited and updated regularly. The quality of the articles improves over the time because it is written collaboratively and first time edits are not perfect so incorrect information and other small errors are fixed. Because anyone can edit, an article may contain vandalism of some type so this may give readers invalid information therefore you are to be aware of the content's quality to be a possible article that has been vandalized. You can easily fix the article by clicking "edit."

About Acyclopedia

For information on the governance of Acyclopedia, see Acyclopedia:Administration.

History of Acyclopedia

Acyclopedia was first founded as Ace Wiki, which is now an abandoned project who's goal was to produce content of the Ace Kingdom by the Ace Kingdom. Ace Wiki had a high measure of censoring, reviewing and moderation to the extent that it was limited to certain topics. This idea was too limited, therefore a new idea formed to make it a free encyclopedia.

The transition began right away - such as the name change, first as "Ace Encyclopedia" to still have some inclusion over the older name, though later on it evolved to Acyclopedia with a inclusion of "A" & "Encyclopedia" to show the type of site.

In October 2016, more languages were produced such as Latin, French, and etc. on ways that were available.


Even though there are restrictions, anyone can edit Acyclopedia. To become a contributor is simply done through registering with simple identification to enhance privacy. Articles are consistent through a single style shown in our Manual of style.

Types of users range from scholarly experts & professionals to the average user. Though understand that Acyclopedia welcomes everyone to help contribute by using references and other mechanisms in place to help you & to make sure civility is maintained as well as the appropriateness of content is regulated. Any editor can undo an edit or change something that is incorrect by simply clicking edit. Mainly, people work together on articles to create the best form of the topic.

Content copyright

Main article: Free content

The content posed in all Acyclopedia articles are either under the General Free Documentation License or the Creative Commons License. Some text has been reused using the CC-BY-SA license & cannot be placed under the GFDL such as text found in references, notes or the footer. Concerning on images, the images will have the attribution of the author of the works labeled.

Contributors are technically the retained owners of the property contributed while CC-BY-SA & GFDL makes sure that everything or most of everything is free to use. Learn more in our disclaimers.

Using Acyclopedia

Navigating Acyclopedia

As an encyclopedia, the goal is to learn about the topic that you search so when finding a term that you don't know, it will be linked to another page so this way, all articles in Acyclopedia are linked to one another. When highlighted blue, the certain text links to another page that contains further information; this goes the opposite for the opposite color, for red links the page does not exist. You may wonder why the link is not highlighted when the page exists; this is avoided because of the overlinking idea. Links may lead to other information and mainly other places to learn more about the topic you are looking for.

Acyclopedia compared to others

Acyclopedia is the only wiki that bases their articles mainly about Ace Kingdom "services" and the organization itself. The main issues, and strengths of this wiki are arisen due to the publicity of editing, and articles are usually written by all authors of the articles.

Acyclopedia may have articles that are written with those that have low knowledge in certain fields: We do not give those that are more knowledgeable more credit. Those that may be an amateur can find referenced information about their idea, and can post their information to the wiki and have it verified. Since that the usual public like a certain article, it may have people with no knowledge to write and contribute to the article(s) just for reasons that they may enjoy, or like that topic.

In Acyclopedia, anyone can edit any article: Since anyone can edit, there is a chance for users that want to vandalize any set of content in any way. If you want to learn more information about how we prevent this, view this page. It is that vandalism is always able to spotted, and corrected, we still prefer neutral view points than rather information that is found to be referenced. Ace Wiki is well protected against vandalism in every way, and it is seen in the linked article 'this page' that users cannot "destroy Ace Wiki", yet only attempts are possible until action occurs.

Acyclopedia is mainly written of consensus: Permanent points or "official" points about an article are most of the time difficult to achieve for the consensus of contributors that are extreme about the topic, and "normal view points."


All of Acyclopedia's disclaimers apply to every page. The link for disclaimers is found on the footer at the bottom of every page. Disclaimers include general, content, legal, medical, and risk disclaimers.

Contributing to Acyclopedia

Anyone can contribute to Acyclopedia though before doing so, you are required to register in order to have proper identification for you protecting your privacy so that the only identification other users have of you is your personally identifiable information such as your IP address which we do not want to show to anyone else. When you register, you can simply edit a page by clicking the Edit button found on the top right of each article.

Before editing, we have some helpful tools to help you with learning Acyclopedia such as policies and guidelines, introduction, as well as our welcoming page for new contributors. Mainly you are to respect other people's ideas and maintain civility in doing so by not having conduct with "unacceptable content" or inappropriate content. See our five pillars page to learn more about how.

When creating a page or editing a new page, understand that articles first are known as unfinished articles or commonly known as stubs.

A downloadable "Editing Guide" by the Acyclomedia Foundation.

Basic Introduction 2

Ace Wiki is an English, web based, informational site by The name comes from the other "services" that is for other purposes. Ace Wiki provides information that varies from private, to public information about the topics detailed. Ace Wiki is an non-profit wiki that consists of anonymous users to write about certain topics that are to be written about. This wiki is a private/and or public "service" from the website that is non-profit, and non-commercial though for private/public usage of the site.

This site is private because users must request membership/access to this website and edit pages, though it is public because this link is to be distributed everywhere and through the process users must be verified as an user to edit so that they are an standard trust user of this wiki which does include an agreement. This site has been created in: May 9, 2016 from the Aces Wiki to be transferred here to be continued. Eligibility for this wiki space does include that you use it for specific reasons part of the agreement to be granted similar license permissions. This site can have member requests to come, and "use" this site, though they must be verified. Any user can make a modification or edit to the pages allowed (to prevent vandalism i.e. starred pages). Users volunteer for themselves, and anonymously change the website in a "good" way that we allow. Mostly, they wish to be anonymous so do understand that they have the right to remain anonymous. Users edit pages by clicking edit, and when they finished adding content to the desired page, they save the page. This site's license for copying, distributing, and displaying for copyrighted work is the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial 3.0. The following are done to be followed as an semi-custom choice between 2 out of 3. The following were chosen for this wiki: Normally chosen was Attribution: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work but only if they give you credit. (Required for Creative Commons licenses); Share-Alike: You allow others to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs your work (this was chosen over the No-Derivative-Works choice; and the Non-Commercial choice over none: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your work, but for noncommercial purposes only. License Link: If you are an administrator in this form, view site statistics: settings. This wiki has been found officially on 7.19.16, though created technically in May 9, 2016 because of the information that it holds from another site. Ace Wiki editors of this site are classified as those that make sure that the website edits are rule-abiding so that this wiki can stay for the reason that it was purposed for. Any person that is verified into this private/public wiki is allowed to edit the certain pages that are non-starred. Since there might be those that don't want to do what this is for, wiki editors of this wiki space are to make sure to maintain the civility of this website. They are to view revisions of pages, view the creation of pages, & view the deletion of pages. In this process they are able to view things that may have been accidental, or on purpose: ex.: spelling error (they will correct them if they see it), restore edits that were tampered with (i.e. vandalism), make sure all new pages, and deleted pages were for an purpose. Content in this wiki are the effort of all users inside this wiki including all types of content (media, text, etc.). Before editing, users are encouraged to view the Introduction to edits article for beginners of what to edit, how to edit, why to edit, which to edit, and etc. Site content quality: The quality of the content may have some interference since this is open for verified users to edit, open for different cultures, ideas, pros & cons, & newly registered users. If you see any content that is inappropriate which does not pertain to the quality of the works, though to think that there has vandalism occurred for any content inside this wiki - contact <[email protected]> or any administrator or organizer of this wiki. You also may fill out, and submit the form in the [site]/report page. New users are to view the disclaimers for the any content that you may encounter.

This wiki is only written inside English.


Acyclopedia used to be named 'Ace Wiki' in 2015, and has been renamed to Acyclopedia in 8.14.16 due to the involvement of the actual meaning. Ace + "encyclopedia"; though it the 'en' stands for 'English', and 'cyclopedia' is a updated works that contains articles about certain topics, and etc.

Addition 2

Acyclopedia is written largely by anonymous volunteers with no pay. Anyone that can access can read articles, and edit articles except in limited situations (unauthorized access) where editing is restricted, or access is restricted (Personal-information). All users can contribute anonymously (limited personal information), or with their real identity. The main rules of the encyclopedia are the Fundamental Rules, and the Rules Handbook. The Ace Community has developed a series of policies and guidelines (such as editing help), and it is not a requirement to read them before editing yet it is to be acknowledged as your document for governing your use. When using Acyclopedia, acknowledge the fact that people of all ages, or cultures may edit any article that you may find in the Acyclopedia. Contributions cannot ruin, alter largely, or destroy Acyclopedia. Contributions cannot do so due to the easy reversable revision made by the attempt for vandalism. An attempt to destroy the encyclopedia include an attempt to vandalize the encyclopedia, and attempting to vandalize includes any type suggested by administrators: Click Here for more information. Edit is as simple as clicking a button, 'Edit.' Acyclopedia is referred to a live "collaboration" that is a virtual community of contributors unlike other references. Printed encyclopedias include information about all topics, though this encyclopedia contains information related to Ace Kingdom "everything Ace Kingdom related..." and with this, it is constantly updated and improved making this a reliable current source for your research about anything "Ace Kingdom."

Acyclopedia's History

Acyclopedia has been founded as the Ace Wiki, and began as in other services as a reference desk for questions only which is now an abandoned project by the Ace Kingdom and now to create a wiki for everything excluding questions (for other services), or (including questions they asked from other services). The idea had started out as a reference desk for questions, and is present today as the Acyclopedia.

Domain History

The domain of the wiki has changed several times as the servers changed (see below), and at first when the idea for a wiki had been created it used a series of "sub-domains" until the Ace Kingdom decided for a custom domain. Examples: .PBworks, .Wikia, .Wikispaces, .Wikidot, and now You may direct to the current wiki with "", though currently the hosting servers do not allow for custom domains and maybe in the future it will replace the old ""


The hosts for the wiki had also included the series of sub-domains until the use of '' first used in .Wikidot direct from as the first custom domain. First, when using MediaWiki we decided to manage the files, and set it up for ourselves though this became complicated and wasted too much time for the project so we decided to use referata, mediawiki, and semantic mediawiki. Powered by semantic mediawiki, and mediawiki; hosted by referata. In looking for the best host, we tried multiple though currently there are others being tested and the current one is hosted in referata.

Acyclopedia's Contributors

Anyone with internet access can use the Acyclopedia. Rules were created to make sure that help contributors craft quality work, and maintain the civility of the site. Ace Kingdom runs the project, has influence over the contributors, and is highly involved in the project.

Site Copyright

The site is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


Text that is on Acyclopedia is a work that is joined together (articles) that gives detailed understandings of certain information in the Ace Kingdom. Credit for the works is found individually through edits in the history that can be seen by anyone reading or editing an article.

Language: English