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Created by Ace, Ace5</td></tr>
Launched  9, 2015; 3 years ago (2015-04-09)</td></tr>
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Acyclopedia ( /ˌacycloˈpdi.ə/ or /ˌacyclˈopdi.ə/ a-CY-cylo-PEE-dee-ə) is a multilingual open encyclopedia that allows anyone to contribute. Acyclopedia is owned, and created by the non-profit organization of the Acyclomedia Foundation Inc. Acyclopedia has been created at first in May 2015. By 2015, until 8.16.16 the only language that you could use in the wiki was English (default) which is the largest encyclopedia out of the "Manual Languages", though it is similar to all the other "Normal Translations." Acyclopedia consists of the least being 1,000 articles and more than 10 versions of each article; Acyclopedia is currently available in 10 languages. Articles may not be transferred due to the new transfer. Acyclopedia is a short abbreviation for Ace Encyclopedia. The term is interchangeable for understanding to understanding of A - cyclopedia - meaning a encyclopedia in more archaic though applicable form different and unique to other wikis or Ace - encyclopedia meaning Ace Kingdom's encyclopedia.

In 2015, the Ace News published a review from comparing the older wiki, Ace Wiki, and the wiki now comparing the articles. The level of accuracy with the now new referencing feature is found to be higher than the older wiki.

History of Acyclopedia

Ace Wiki

Ace Wiki (past) Logo

Other online wikis/encyclopedias were tested before the Acyclopedia, though none were as successfull as the Acyclopedia (within the Ace Kingdom). Acyclopedia has first started out as a small project to be created, and that the pages were limited named "Ace Wiki", a wiki that contains information ranging through all topics found in the A.K. only available in the English Language. Acyclopedia has been created by the Ace Kingdom, a company for services. Ace Wiki used to be copy-free; no one was allowed to copy anything for their own good, and accessing the Ace Wiki was through a longer approval process. The Ace Wiki now has become "Acyclopedia", and has a new content policy that anyone can use the content and use it under the restrictions (detailed), and the easy registration of any user that wants to use the Wiki.

Launch, and the Use of Acyclopedia

Acyclopedia was formally launched in May 2015 by Ace (founder of Acyclopedia) as one version (English (Default)). In the first weeks, policies, rules, and guidelines were set up by the community. By the end of 2015 the main set of articles were set up, and the wiki was ready to be contributed to. After this, the project expanded to be for looking for a better wiki host, and this interfered with the creation of articles and the transfer delayed the process of new contributions. In the beginning of the creation of both (August 2016), they both coexisted as their own wiki though the community are currently working on solutions with the domain, and merging process. In 8.15.16 spanish speakers now had a new wiki to contribute to, "Encyclopedia Libre" Acyclopedia. This called for the domain of "es" - "Acyclopedia".cf. Though the wiki has already entered the main articles creation zone, the main growth of the wiki still awaits during the upcoming years. In 2016, a researcher found that Acyclopedia had lost a number of contributors during the transfer.


The number of edits in Acyclopedia in November 22, 2016
The number of articles in Acyclopedia in 2014-2016

Very like other encyclopedias, we encourage the creation of many articles and for the call of improving the quality later since this is a new encyclopedia. Anyone can create an article due to the new encyclopedia; though in the future it is suspected that the encyclopedia becomes "guest-free", and only new registrants are to edit and create articles.


Over some time, the English encyclopedia has developed a series of modifications to user rights for creating pages, and editing pages due to the category and use of certain articles; "how it applies to the wiki." This is a new encyclopedia and the pages that need to be prevented from vandalism may not be all-ready yet. Certain articles may have certain restrictions to who can edit.

Review of Changes

Changes inside the Acyclopedia are not systemically viewed, though the software allows any user (anonymous, or guest) to view the revision history of pages. On most articles anyone can undo any revision, navigate to a user's talk page, and thank an author of a revision. New pages patrol" is a process whereby newly created articles are checked for obvious problems.



Any edit that changes content found in the Acyclopedia deliberately, and intentionally compromises integrity of the Acyclopedia is registered as an act of Vandalism. Common vandalism is to be found in this wiki as obscenities and crude humor, and spamming. Vandalism may also be spotted easily sometimes: Wiping a page blank. Vandalism may also be very difficult to spot: Including short inserts of incorrect, misleading, non-quality works deliberately for false information. Vandalism is done by vandals, and they can change anything on the wiki to make the "ruin the wiki in bad theory." Obvious Vandalism: It is easy to spot throughout the wiki, and easy to remove. Other acts of vandalism (non-obvious vandalism) may take longer to fix, so if you find any content that is vandalized and you are not a editor, kindly submit your content to <[email protected]>, go to "", or any other method of contact. If you are a editor you are welcome to remove the content in any way, and if you do not want to or you want an administrator to do so: Talk to any admin. Talk:{user's name}.


Content that is found in the Acyclopedia are subject to copyright laws. The main rules of the wiki are found in the " Fundamental Rules" page. The official rule book is found in the Rules Handbook developed by the administrators of the encyclopedia. Other policies, and guidelines are developed by the community and the administration team to ensure that the wiki maintains a civil, free, and a safe place to place ideas and information.

Policies and Guidelines

Content All acyclopedia manual language sites rules are to be about a topic that meets the encyclopedic quality, and is relevant to the Ace Kingdom in some way. References you find must not be original research, though it must be found that the answer for your topic is greatly detailed by a good source. Among other acyclopedians it is referred to as "Verifability" or that the revision (first) of the page is approved.


Articles are not owned by any creator of the article or any editor of the article.

Administrators in Acyclopedia

Editors of the Acyclopedia can request, and run for becoming an "administrator" of the wiki. Users that are allowed to have a high amount of control over other users including the prevention of any action that might impact the wiki highly in a bad way (ex. vandalism, etc.). Becoming administrator is a very hard and important process that is essential that all editors that become administrator go through. Administrators are named as Bureaucrats by the software. Becoming administrator is easily earned through other services of the Ace Kingdom, though is hard to earn normally.

Disputes, and Resolution

When in occurrence there may be a dispute by certain users of the Acyclopedia maybe about the ideas and use of information, or different point of views and the process to merge them into one point of view through a civil debate by one or more contributors. To get the community's view of certain topics you are free to post it in the community's forums.


Distribution of the 2,000 articles in different language editions (as of 1 October 2016)'

Each article has a 'Talk' page that you can discuss with your fellow Acyclopedia editors, or if you want a more interactive community (recommended), go to the Community link in the sidebar. Any user can contribute to the Acyclopdedia anonymously, which does not include the enforcement of user's to reveal their identity (providing identification). The english Acyclopedia has 5,242 edits, and 32 users.

Logarithmic graph of the 20 largest language editions of Acyclopedia
(as of 21 May 2018)
(thousand/hundred/tens of articles)
0.1 0.3 1 3

English Acyclopedia — 2,455 articles
Dutch Acyclopedia — 207 articles
Italian Acyclopedia — 179 articles
French Acyclopedia — 177 articles
Spanish Acyclopedia — 137 articles
Russian Acyclopedia — 107 articles
Deutsche Acyclopedia — 106 articles
Japanese Acyclopedia — 88 articles
Polish Acyclopedia — 62 articles
Latin Acyclopedia — 36 articles
Arabic Acyclopedia — 29 articles
Catalan Acyclopedia — 15 articles
Greek Acyclopedia — 15 articles
Frisian Acyclopedia — 15 articles
Achinese Acyclopedia — 2 articles

The unit for the numbers in bars is articles.

Critical Reception

Accuracy of Content

Articles like traditional encyclopedias are written by experts, giving the encyclopedia an ready reputation that the content is accurate. In for disagreements, between "two-parties" (two groups of agreement) they adopt the Nature Effort. Since Acyclopedia is open, the content is not guaranteed for validity for the content that is posted in the Acyclopedia. Open structure allows for vandals to contribute inaccurate content.

Quality of Writing

For instance, when contributors rewrite small portions of an entry rather than making full-length revisions, high- and low-quality content may be intermingled within an entry. The quality of writing by contributors is to be the same as the Acyclopedia's manual of style accordingally to each certain topic that is detailed. Quality of the writing is detailed as to be readable, though the structure is currently being improved because it has been known to be "unreadable." Quality may not be already the best in all pages, so therefore all users are to continue trying to improve the quality of pages because no page is perfect.


In one case it is the right that a private citizen stays a private citizen. It is a battle between the right to be anonymous in cyberspace and the right to be anonymous in real life.


When that a project is to be founded it is that a group or individual Acyclopedia Editor(s) that decided to focus their work on a specific item.

Ace Kingdom

Acyclopedia is hosted, and maintained by the Ace Kingdom simply, a non-profit organization that is a host for several services for users of the Ace Kingdom known as Ace Members. The goal of Ace Kingdom does not include profit, or does not use money in any way. In 2015, the founder of Ace Kingdom was Ace.


For the use of Acyclopedia, it depends on MediaWiki, a custom-made, free and open source wiki software platform written in PHP and built upon the MySQL database system. This software allows for lots of additions, and custom features.

Automated Edits

It is automatically that it spell checks, style issues, and start of article corrections occur when contributors are using the editor on any page.

Projects, importance of quality in articles

We name a project that contributors want to dedicate themselves as a part of committing a certain task which includes the creation of a series of pages, or services known as in Ace Kingdom to be "AceProjects." The English acyclopedia is currently setting up certain projects. When most of the articles are created, each year, the Acyclopedia will be out in a printing version that users can use and each year it will be renewed as an encyclopedia about Ace Kingdom. Ace Projects rate certain articles with different levels of importance (including welcome pages, important pages, special, legal, etc.)

Access to content

Content licensing

At first, when the project started, it was in read-only version for users and that they could not copy the text and use it freely. For this reason, users could not use the works and that the topics were very limited (Ace Wiki) therefore the need to copy the content there was not high. A wiki should also contain more than just topics about the Ace Kingdom, so it was then expanded to thought into a small version of an encyclopedia to have more topics and when the topics were expanded, the license to copy was changed into a creative commons license.

Methods of access

Because Acyclopedia is distributed through an open license, it is available in the following:

  • Websites – Acyclopedia is available in past wikis that are now transfered here and now you can access Acyclopedia through a browser version.
  • Mobile – Acyclopedia is available for Android download at Acyclopedia:App.
  • "Search Engine' – Acyclopedia is available on Google search at "" + keywords.

Mobile access

See also Help:Mobile access
This is a screenshot of Acyclopedia in mobile version.

The original version of accessing Acyclopedia is through a standard web browser through a working internet connection. It is also available in the mobile web since August 2016. This is simply done by accessing in your browser and it will automatically detect that it is a mobile device and you will see Acyclopedia in mobile version. If not, you can click "Mobile view" at the footer of Acyclopedia. Browsers can also access the mobile version of Acyclopedia in their desktop. Mobile versions are mainly for reading though it can be edited though with current reports as "Acyclopedia in mobile version from a desktop cannot edit pages without an error." For this reason, you are discouraged to attempt editing from a desktop in mobile view. If you have something to edit on a desktop - switch back to desktop because mobile version is only available on desktop for a reader.